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24/07/2013 All-Ireland Hurling Championship Dates Confirmed...
All-Ireland Hurling ChampionshipsSunday July 28th Semple Stadium Thurles Minor Hurling Quarter-FinalGalway V Laois...
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24/07/2013 Galway advance to meet Cork in Rd 4
Alan Mulholland's Tribesmen, lucky to survive tricky tests against Tipperary and Waterford, delivered a much improved...
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The brand new Galway County Board website will be going live this weekend. As a result of the changeover,...
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11/02/2013 U21 Championship is off the mark!
Well the championship season has started and this past weekend saw the beginning of this years U21 Hurling Championships...
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U14 A Hurling Championship
09/05/2016 Kilconieron vs Clarinbridge Kilconieron
09/05/2016 Loughrea vs Carnmore Loughrea
09/05/2016 Sarsfields vs Athenry Sarsfields
09/05/2016 Turloughmore vs Gort Inse Guaire Lackagh
U14 A1 Hurling Championship
09/05/2016 Ardrahan vs Castlegar Ardrahan
09/05/2016 Ballygar vs Cappataggle Ballygar
09/05/2016 Craughwell vs Michael Cusacks Craughwell
09/05/2016 Tommy Larkins vs Maigh Cuilinn Woodford
U14 B Hurling Championship
09/05/2016 CLG Ath Eascrach/Fothaine vs Killimordaly Ahascragh
09/05/2016 Liam Mellows vs Kinvara Ballyloughane
09/05/2016 Oranmore-Maree vs Kilnadeema-Leitrim Maree
09/05/2016 Rahoon-Newcastle vs Tynagh/Abbey-Duniry Tonabrocky
U14 B1 Hurling Championship
09/05/2016 Ballinasloe vs Cois Fharraige Ballinasloe
09/05/2016 Killimor vs Ballinderreen Killimor
09/05/2016 Meelick-Eyrecourt vs Mullagh/Kiltormer Clonfert
09/05/2016 Mountbellew/Moylough vs Salthill-Knocknacarra Mountbellew
U14 C Hurling Championship
09/05/2016 Annaghdown vs Pádraig Pearses Cregg
09/05/2016 Skehana vs Portumna Skehana
09/05/2016 St Thomas vs Four Roads/Na Ceithre Boithre Castledaly
U14 C1 Hurling Championship
09/05/2016 Abbeyknockmoy vs Athenry Abbeyknockmoy
09/05/2016 Micheal Breathnach vs Tuam Hurling Indreabhán
09/05/2016 Sylane vs Pádraig Pearses Sylane
Celtic Challenge Group E
11/05/2016 North Galway vs Galway City/West TBC
U16 A Hurling Championship
12/05/2016 Loughrea vs Castlegar Loughrea
12/05/2016 Salthill-Knocknacarra vs Athenry The Priarie
12/05/2016 Turloughmore vs Ballygar Lackagh
12/05/2016 Tynagh/Abbey-Duniry vs Clarinbridge Tynagh
U16 A1 Hurling Championship
12/05/2016 Craughwell vs Kilnadeema-Leitrim Craughwell
12/05/2016 Killimordaly vs St Thomas Killimordaly
12/05/2016 Liam Mellows vs Maigh Cuilinn Ballyloughane
12/05/2016 Meelick-Eyrecourt vs Gort Inse Guaire Clonfert
U16 B Hurling Championship
12/05/2016 Ballinasloe vs Tommy Larkins Ballinasloe
12/05/2016 Kilconieron vs Pádraig Pearses Kilconieron
12/05/2016 Michael Cusacks vs Rahoon-Newcastle Beagh
12/05/2016 Oranmore-Maree vs Ardrahan Maree
U16 B1 Hurling Championship
12/05/2016 Abbeyknockmoy vs Annaghdown Abbeyknockmoy
12/05/2016 CLG Ath Eascrach/Fothaine vs Cois Fharraige Ahascragh
12/05/2016 Killimor vs Sylane Killimor
12/05/2016 Mullagh/Kiltormer vs Carnmore Kiltormer
U16 C Hurling Championship
12/05/2016 Micheal Breathnach vs Skehana Indreabhán
12/05/2016 Mountbellew/Moylough vs Kinvara Mountbellew
12/05/2016 Portumna vs Cappataggle Portumna
12/05/2016 Tuam Hurling vs Sarsfields Tuam
U10-8 Hurling - Group A
14/05/2016 Athenry vs Castlegar Athenry
14/05/2016 Craughwell vs Clarinbridge Craughwell
14/05/2016 Oranmore-Maree vs Turloughmore Oranmore
14/05/2016 Salthill-Knocknacarra vs Carnmore The Priarie
U10-8 Hurling - Group B
14/05/2016 Liam Mellows vs St Thomas Ballyloughane
14/05/2016 Loughrea vs Gort Inse Guaire Loughrea
14/05/2016 Maigh Cuilinn vs Kinvara Moycullen
14/05/2016 Rahoon-Newcastle vs Ardrahan Tonabrocky
U10-8 Hurling - Group C
14/05/2016 Kiltormer vs Meelick-Eyrecourt Kiltormer
14/05/2016 Portumna vs Killimor Portumna
14/05/2016 Tommy Larkins vs Cappataggle Woodford
14/05/2016 Tynagh/Abbey-Duniry vs Ballinasloe Tynagh
U10-8 Hurling - Group D
14/05/2016 Ballinderreen vs Sarsfields Ballinderreen
14/05/2016 Kilconieron vs Killimordaly Kilconieron
14/05/2016 Michael Cusacks vs Kilnadeema-Leitrim Michael Cusacks
14/05/2016 Mullagh vs Pádraig Pearses Mullagh
U10-8 Hurling - Group E
14/05/2016 Bearna-Na Forbacha vs An Spideal Páirc na bhForbacha
14/05/2016 Micheal Breathnach vs Clifden Indreabhán
U10-8 Hurling - Group F
14/05/2016 Abbeyknockmoy vs Tuam Hurling Abbeyknockmoy
14/05/2016 Ballygar vs Sylane Ballygar
14/05/2016 CLG Ath Eascrach/Fothaine vs Annaghdown Ahascragh
14/05/2016 Mountbellew/Moylough vs Skehana Mountbellew
U14 A Hurling Championship
16/05/2016 Athenry vs Clarinbridge Athenry
16/05/2016 Carnmore vs Kilconieron Carnmore
16/05/2016 Gort Inse Guaire vs Loughrea Gort
16/05/2016 Sarsfields vs Turloughmore Sarsfields
U14 A1 Hurling Championship
16/05/2016 Castlegar vs Tommy Larkins Castlegar
16/05/2016 Craughwell vs Ardrahan Craughwell
16/05/2016 Maigh Cuilinn vs Ballygar Moycullen
16/05/2016 Michael Cusacks vs Cappataggle Beagh
U14 B Hurling Championship
16/05/2016 CLG Ath Eascrach/Fothaine vs Rahoon-Newcastle Ahascragh
16/05/2016 Killimordaly vs Kinvara Killimordaly
16/05/2016 Kilnadeema-Leitrim vs Liam Mellows Kilnadeema
16/05/2016 Tynagh/Abbey-Duniry vs Oranmore-Maree Tynagh
U14 B1 Hurling Championship
16/05/2016 Cois Fharraige vs Killimor An Spideal
16/05/2016 Meelick-Eyrecourt vs Mountbellew/Moylough Meelick-Eyrecourt
16/05/2016 Mullagh/Kiltormer vs Ballinderreen Mullagh
16/05/2016 Salthill-Knocknacarra vs Ballinasloe Salthill-Knocknacarra
Celtic Challenge Group E
18/05/2016 North Galway vs South/East Clare TBC
U16 C Hurling Championship
19/05/2016 Ballinderreen vs Tuam Hurling Ballinderreen
19/05/2016 Kinvara vs Portumna Kinvara
19/05/2016 Sarsfields vs Micheal Breathnach Sarsfields
19/05/2016 Skehana vs Mountbellew/Moylough Skehana
Celtic Challenge Group E
25/05/2016 South/East Clare vs Galway City/West TBC
U10-8 Hurling - Group A
28/05/2016 Carnmore vs Craughwell Carnmore
28/05/2016 Clarinbridge vs Castlegar Clarinbridge
28/05/2016 Oranmore-Maree vs Athenry Oranmore
28/05/2016 Turloughmore vs Salthill-Knocknacarra Turloughmore
U10-8 Hurling - Group B
28/05/2016 Ardrahan vs Kinvara Ardrahan
28/05/2016 Gort Inse Guaire vs Rahoon-Newcastle Gort
28/05/2016 Liam Mellows vs Maigh Cuilinn Ballyloughane
28/05/2016 St Thomas vs Loughrea Castledaly
U10-8 Hurling - Group C
28/05/2016 Ballinasloe vs Cappataggle Ballinasloe
28/05/2016 Killimor vs Kiltormer Killimor
28/05/2016 Meelick-Eyrecourt vs Tynagh/Abbey-Duniry Eyrecourt
28/05/2016 Portumna vs Tommy Larkins Portumna
U10-8 Hurling - Group D
28/05/2016 Ballinderreen vs Mullagh Ballinderreen
28/05/2016 Killimordaly vs Pádraig Pearses Killimordaly
28/05/2016 Kilnadeema-Leitrim vs Kilconieron Kilnadeema
28/05/2016 Sarsfields vs Michael Cusacks Sarsfields
U10-8 Hurling - Group E
28/05/2016 An Spideal vs Micheal Breathnach An Spideal
28/05/2016 Clifden vs Bearna-Na Forbacha Clifden
U10-8 Hurling - Group F
28/05/2016 Abbeyknockmoy vs Mountbellew/Moylough Abbeyknockmoy
28/05/2016 Annaghdown vs Skehana Cregg
28/05/2016 Sylane vs CLG Ath Eascrach/Fothaine Sylane
28/05/2016 Tuam Hurling vs Ballygar Tuam
Celtic Challenge Group E
01/06/2016 North Galway vs North Clare TBC

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